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The Top 10 Recommended Supplements

 and Why You Should Take Them

With all the controversy about medications and supplementation, who should be taking what, and what is safe to take if you are taking medication, I wanted to help you appreciate the need for supplementation, and then offer up the Top 10, (actually 11) recommended supplements and the reasons why you should take them. 

First let me say that the supplements we offer through the office are manufactured by Standard Process.  Standard Process supplements are of the highest quality and are made from actual food.  That's right!  FOOD!  Nothing synthetic, and nothing that would interfere with medications, unless the contraindication for taking the medication is eating food.  Therefore, if you are recommended a supplement through Advanced Alternative Medicine Center, rest assured you are getting a whole food supplement, and not something that has been artificially put together in a chemistry lab, that exhibits qualities that have unknown affects.  Therefore, you should not worry that the supplement will interfere with your medications.  But if you are still not convinced, please bring your medication with you to the office and we can assess if the supplements recommended will react with your medication.  Now, on to the real reason for this article.  

As we became an industrialized nation, food became mass produced in an effort to feed the people.  What occurred during that time was the lost understanding of the importance of whole food nutrition.  Refining food, in an effort to give it a "shelf life" and allow for country wide distribution, caused the foods to become less viable and more damaging to the body.  After all, by refining the food to give it a shelf life required the removal of many of the "active ingredients" that cause the food to have function within the body.  And what would be the point of eating a food that has "no functionality" or use, for the body?  Several studies done before and during his time demonstrated the harmful effects of refining food on the body and its normal physiology.  Dr. Royal Lee, D.D.S. never lost sight of this fact, and in fact formed the first supplement company ever, which later became what is known today as Standard Process.  With a passion for biochemistry and a vast knowledge of proper farming techniques, Dr. Lee began producing whole food supplements to help eliminate and prevent deficiency diseases that began showing up in people who ate too many refined foods.  The first product being introduced in 1929 went by the name of Catalyn.  This product, made from whole foods and processed without heat is a live, vitamin and mineral rich, whole food concentrate that contains all the foundational nutrients known and unknown to both the FDA and man.  It seems that nature understands what the body needs, even if our science hasn't fully grasped the enormity of it yet.  Dr. Lee appreciated that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts, and put into practice that premise when manufacturing his whole food supplements.  By developing a patented vacuum drying technique that allows for water to be removed without using heat, it allows the creation of whole food powders that are exactly what nature would want you to have in its active form, minus the water.  Dr. Lee and Standard Process have been using this practice for more than 76 years.  Although Dr. Lee has since died, the company still remains in the family, and continues to produce these amazing whole food concentrates, designed to give the body what it needs, in the ratios that nature would want you to have them.  Therefore, when you look at the labels, you won't see 100 % of the RDA for any of the ingredients.  This is because the body needs the ingredients to be complete and in a specific ratio, of which the RDA and the FDA know little about. 

With this basic background of understanding, appreciate that although medication, which works to alter normal chemistry within the body to provoke or block a certain normal physiological process, whole food concentrates work with your normal physiology to promote normal balanced function.  Appreciate that you should always ask your Health Care Practitioner if the whole food supplements that promote normal function will create a problem with your prescription medication.  Although most Medical Doctors have no true understanding of Functional Nutrition, as their formal education doesn't offer it, it is still best to find a Qualified Health Care Practitioner who can offer sound understanding and advice when dealing with this dilemma.  As mentioned, we offer testing to see if there would be any harmful interactions before advising to take the nutritional supplements.  

The Top 10 (11) Recommended

The following are the 11 most recommended foundational support supplements necessary for restoring and maintaining your health at optimum levels.  Taken regularly, these supplements will decrease the likeliness of getting sick or developing some other form of health concern.  With the exception of Ultra Flora Plus from Metagenics, each is manufactured by Standard Process and is made available directly through Health Care Practitioners who have accounts with Standard ProcessStandard Process does not sell directly to consumers because Dr. Lee felt his products are so effective and should be prescribed by your Health Care Practitioner who can monitor your condition.  Just like having too little of what is needed can lead to a problem, having too much can create imbalances as well. (All recommendations are done after proper evaluation in the office by Dr. Huntoon personally.  What is recommended below is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA)


Catalyn: The best multi-vitamin manufactured, it is designed to give you all the foundational support your body needs to keep you healthy.  This product should be taken daily as a preventative.

Ultra Flora Plus: a probiotic formula, it is designed to give your body the necessary healthy bacteria so you can digest your food, and restore the natural intestinal flora that gets disrupted from the intake of antibiotics.  This product should be taken daily as a preventative.

Zymex: a special formula needed any time a person has taken antibiotics, and taken in association with the Ultra Flora Plus.  It assists in building the normal flora in the gut, helps to acidify the GI tract, aids in reducing toxic bowel and helps to detoxify the Kidneys.  This product should be taken daily as a preventative.

Immuplex: A specialized general Immune boosting product, it is a combination formula that helps increase your Immune System response to viral infections, and improves delayed Immune response to colds and flu.  This product should be taken daily as a preventative.

Calcium Lactate: the ideal form of calcium for the body is calcium bicarbonate.  Calcium Lactate is the precursor for this in the body, and primarily helps the body prevent fevers, infections, cramps, coughing, insomnia, pregnancy, osteoporosis, tissue repair, hernias, and a physiological calmer.  In association with Cataplex C, it helps to boost the Immune response to foreign invasion.  Any fevers, especially in children, indicate a Calcium Lactate deficiency.  This product should be taken regularly as a preventative.

Cataplex C: Used for all infectious diseases, all healing within the body, capillary fragility and easy bruising, inflammation and congestion, weak Adrenals, air hunger and stress.  In association with Calcium Lactate, this helps to give the body the necessary ingredients to fight off the first signs of infection.  This product should be taken regularly as a preventative.

Cataplex F: Helps those people with tissue calcium starvation which presents as Charlie Horses, sunburn, sun poisoning, dry skin, poor hair quality, calcium assimilation problems, cold sores, herpes simplex, hypothyroidism, or prostate problems.  This product should be taken regularly as a preventative.

Cataplex B: The whole vitamin B Complex, it helps with nerve conduction problems, anemia, skipped heart beats, hypotension, poor muscle tone, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and assists in optimal absorption of your food from the Small Intestine.  We become deficient in this vitamin when we eat too much refined and processed sugar.  This product should be taken regularly as a preventative.

Congaplex: A general Immune boosting product, it is a combination formula designed to help the body fight off bacterial infections.  It too is good during congestion, as it helps prevent infections that get trapped in the excess mucous produced by the body.  Works well in conjunction with Fen GreThis product should be taken regularly as a preventative.

Fen Gre: Used for sinus congestion and respiratory congestion, this natural decongestant helps to dry up and eliminate excess mucous production within the body.  Taken with a full glass of water on an empty stomach, it eats up the mucous as it is produced.  This product should be taken in the Fall and Winter before your congestion begins to increase.

Choline: Helping to flush out the Liver/Gall Bladder System, this is always necessary when one suffers from food related sickness.  It helps to flush the toxins/poisons from the digestive tract that creates the nausea and vomiting.  This product should be kept on hand as an emergency treatment for the whole family.

As mentioned above, each of these with the exception of Ultra Flora Plus from Metagenics, are products of Standard Process and can be obtained through your Health Care Provider who has an account with Standard Process.  Dosages should be recommended by your practitioner and monitored regularly for both effectiveness and need.  Whole food concentrates should be taken with full understanding of what the product assists the body in doing, and the potential problems if taken the wrong way.  Dr. Huntoon does not sell supplements on-line, and will only dispense supplements to his patients directly, after proper evaluation for need and dosage.

Dr. Huntoon has a single mission:

To support as many people as possible in their quest for health and enable them to improve and maintain their health to the highest level possible, while educating them about the benefits of Chiropractic, Natural Healthcare and Holistic Living, so they in turn can teach others to support us having a healthy community.

Your Choice

Health concerns are a major source of lost happiness and lost joy in all of our lives. Finding a solution that is agreeable and enables you to get back to your life is important. Please appreciate that you always have the more invasive surgery and prescription medication available to you as a last resort. What many Traditional Medical Doctors may not share is, many times, once you begin that journey into medication and/or surgery, it alters your original body from the one that you were born with. Unfortunately, at that time, more conservative and natural treatments may no longer be viable. I encourage you to consider that before making any decisions about treatment for your health. As always I am here to help. 
Your Choice:
  • Continue doing the same thing and nothing changes or it may get worse


  • Try something different and get a different result that makes you happier and healthier.
The Choice is Yours
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