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Even Republican young adults want health insurance, poll finds (Here we go again, being told what to think and why we need to buy into this system)

Maggie Fox NBC News August 22, 2013

Young adults want health insurance; the Commonwealth Fund says it has found in a poll (All in an effort to influence young Americans to get on board with a policy that they do not understand)

Obamacare may have become a partisan issue, but more Republicans than Democrats have signed up for one of its most popular provisions, according to a survey published Wednesday.

The survey also pokes holes in the idea that most 20-somethings act like “Young Invincibles” who believe they don’t need health insurance.

A team at the Commonwealth Fund, which strongly supports healthcare reform, looked at one of the main target groups of the 2010 Affordable Care Act – young adults who have been going without health insurance. One of the most popular provisions of the law lets people age 26 and younger stay on their parents’ health insurance.

“Public opinion polls found a partisan divide … but Republicans and Democrats both took advantage of the young adult provisions,” says Commonwealth vice president Sara Collins, who led the study. “In fact, more Republicans than Democrats did.” (Why is this being made out to be about Republicans and Democrats?  People are being lead to believe the system the government wants to enforce is being embraced by those who are not Democrates even though the new system has nothing to do with which party you belong to.  It has to do with creating a system that causes everyone to pay into it, even if what they are serving is not what you would choose for yourself.  They don’t care if you don’t eat it, they still will be paid and, in fact, hope you do not use it and they can then have a surplus of tax dollars to do what they feel they want.  More big government enforcing more programs that do not solve the problem but does create more revenue streams for the government and less financial freedom for the people.)

They found that by last March, 63 percent of young adults identifying as Republicans had enrolled in a parent’s health plan in the last 12 months, compared to 45 percent of those who considered themselves Democrats. About 26 percent of the 1,800 adults surveyed said they were Republicans, 28 percent said they were Democrats and the rest either said they were independent, some other party, or did not say.

The health reform law was passed in Congress in 2009 without a single Republican vote, and Republicans have fought it ever since -- even though it contains many provisions that were originally suggested by Republicans. The Republican-led House of Representatives has voted several times to repeal the law, which has been going into effect in stages since 2010, but the Democrats who dominate the Senate prevent any further action.

The latest push is to stop the law from taking effect by taking away money to implement its main provisions. 

Overall, 15 million 19-to-25-year-olds, or about half of all Americans this age, are on their parents’ health plan, the report says.

The Obama Administration is working with a batch of non-profit groups, including one called Young Invincibles, to encourage healthy young adults to sign up for health insurance.  (What is the motivation?  More people paying into a dysfunctional and poorly run administrative cluster of garbage with corruption and poor results focused on sickness and identifying for the purposes of endless treatment of problems, not promoting health or solving these health concerns.)

Just this week, the Health and Human Services Department and the group launched a contest trying to encourage young adults to make videos promoting the law’s provisions. (Why?  Because everyone is famous for a few seconds if they make a video and people watch it.  They then feel their voice is important.  The people creating videos promoting the law’s provisions really has nothing to do with what they are rolling out except to hype it some more.)

Health experts agree that people will take better care of their health and rack up fewer expenses down the road if they have health insurance. (Actually, these experts have no idea what they are talking about because having insurance does not help people to take better care of themselves.  Actually it does just the opposite.  Having insurance means people feel they can do whatever they want and someone else will pay to correct their life-style choices.)

There’s also concern that if young, healthy adults don’t join the insurance pool, health insurance companies will have to charge everyone more to cover the smaller, sicker pool of adults who do have coverage. (That is the smartest statement she has made in this article.  By not joining the insurance pool, the people with the problems will have to pay more.  Exactly, as it should be.  If you have a problem, why should I pay for your poor choices?  If the young adults do not repeat the problems of the previous generation(s), then we can create a new outcome.  Unfortunately, we are still not educating people properly because it is all about money and making profits in a system that does not work.  And if we act like we are creating a new system that has everyone paying into it, without addressing the real problem, people will end up having more problems and require more care.  And when their solution ends up costing more than they think, they will simply have us pay more.)

But the Commonwealth survey suggests that it’s money that stops 20-somethings from signing up for health insurance, not some idea that they don’t need it.

“There is a stereotype that young adults believe they are ‘invincible’ and don’t want or need health insurance,” said Collins. “This survey shows that is a myth—a typical uninsured young adult is from a low- or middle-income family and works a low-wage job. In general, young adults value health insurance but cannot afford it.”

“Enrollment rates of working young adults in their own employer-sponsored plans average nearly 70 percent, with cost being a principal factor cited among those who do not enroll,” the report reads.

A study released Tuesday (August 20, 2013) showed the health insurance for an average family is $16,000 a year; $5,800 for a single person. (And according to health statistics, the average American spends $ 4300 on healthcare per year.  So looking at the difference, there is a $1500 profit for what it costs versus what is spent.  What do you make of that?)  Most Americans get health insurance through an employer. Under the 2010 law, states and the federal government are setting up online marketplaces where people who don’t have health insurance can buy it, often with a hefty federal government subsidy.  (In other words, either they are using excess money they already have OR they will create a new tax)

And about half the states will expand Medicaid to cover more people, with the federal government paying almost all the bill through 2020. (They phrase things to make it look like the government is doing such a great job.  Since “they” will be paying for it, translation: the people will be paying for it, hence the need for more people paying into this program.  The money they have currently does not cover the cost of expanding Medicaid.)

The survey itself may be only partly representative of the young Americans being targeted. Online research firm Knowledge Networks GfK did two separate surveys of 19 to 29-year-olds for Commonwealth in 2011 and 2013, each time inviting about 3,500 people to answer questions. Both times, just over half did.

Dr. Huntoon’s Perspective

At the end of the day, the solution is simple: Take the profit away from people/companies being able to withhold information from the average person who promote half truths in an effort to create a need, and begin to EDUCATE people on how to take care of themselves.  Tax the companies who make CRAP food and who benefit from getting people to eat it.  Tax the people who choose to buy those foods and reward people for making healthy choices.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is easier to make and significantly healthier than the Extra Lite Olive Oil, and yet the cost is more because of the mentality we need to charge for higher quality even though production cost is 5 times less.  Go figure.

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